How to dry clothes safe and simple way in little space.
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Ecospace Clotheslines was born out of a simple idea that was executed with sheer innovation. That idea is to make laundry drying safer and easier, especially for those who live in high-rise apartment building. The physical effort needed to carry a drying pole full of dripping wet clothes can be very challenging, especially for elderly and the disabled. With these things in mind, we created a drying system that is safe, simple and efficient to use.

The Problem:Outdoor risky laundry poses a life risk in current housing design!

Indoor laundry drying has become increasingly unfeasible due to lack of adequate and convenient floor space. Hence progressively more residents forced to drying outdoors either by tying ropes outside balcony wall and windows. Current housing has a lack of dedicated drying spaces, utility rooms or other suitable spaces in which to dry clothes within the home. The common way of drying clothes out side building windows or balcony has proven to be difficult and hazardous. In fact, it has lead to numerous injuries to homeowners and domestic helpers. In some cases, the accidents related to hanging clothes from high apartments have caused fatalities.

Clothes Drying outside balcony
Woman Falls From 3rd Floor Of Apartment While Drying Clothes, Fractures Skull

Pune, March 15 () -- A woman-------------------------------------------age:34, suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding in the head after she fell down from the third floor of an apartment building in Pune, here Tuesday. In the 9.10am incident, the 34-year-old was rushed to the---------- Hospital before being transferred to the ----------------------------, for further treatment. One of eye witness said ------------ that the victim was hanging out washed clothes ouside the balcony area at the back of the apartment. "Moments later, the victim's father heard a loud thud and went out onto the balcony before finding the victim sprawled and unconscious on the road below," he said in a statement today.

How does Ecospace Clotheslines help homes, hostels and hospitals?
The Unique Safe Solution: Creating dedicated drying spaces on indoor ceiling for designer bedsheets and favorite colorful appreals to avoid fading.
Also by using cantilever brackets one can create horizontal space on vertical wall to hang dry blankets, quilts quickly in outdoor area.
In addition you can create instant drying or storage space using cinch hanger for drying shirts, tops tunics in style.
One more important aspect,do not forget to use wall mount foldable lingerie drying stand to dry delicate bra and panties in privacy. So that we introduced Ecospace Clotheslines. We provides a safe and simple way to dry your all types of clothes, without having to put your and others life at risk.

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