How to Conquer Unreachable Space to Dry Woolen Blankets
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How to dry bedsheets using ceiling mount pulley operated clothes drying system How to Dry Heavy Blankets Easily?
How to dry heavy blankets using cantilever bracket mount pulley operated clothes drying system Install Cantilever Bracket Mount Pulley Driven clotheslines
How to dry bedsheets using ceiling mount pulley operated clothes drying system at affordable price

When cared for properly while washing and drying,a woolen blanket is a wonderful investment that will last for years providing warmth and comfort during chilly nights.They are practical, durable, and fashionable. And we've found a great way to dry them that costs only your time,if you don't have a big space.

Secret Revealed!!! To Conquer Unreachable Space

Use Cantilever Bracket Wall Mount Pulley Operated Easy Drying Hanger

  • Cantilever bracket mount stands are used to conveniently hang your heavy clothes in open or alternate terrace balcony areas, where you do not have ceiling space or do not want to occupy floor space for quick drying taking advantage of outdoor more air movement.
  • Brackets are made from strong yet light weight aluminium square section, while clotheslines are of stainless steel.
  • Which mean that the rusting or oxidation does not occur.
  • Each individual cantilever bracket is fixed by anchor fasteners for strong and long lasting installation of clotheslines.
  • It can be used for quick drying of large,heavy clothes like blankets, curtain clothes, chaddars etc.

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