An Incredible Idea to Dry/Store Your Tops & Tunics in Style.
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How to dry bedsheets using ceiling mount pulley operated clothes drying system How to Dry Shirts in Style?
How to dry bedsheets using ceiling mount pulley operated clothes drying system Install cinch hanger
How to dry bedsheets using ceiling mount pulley operated clothes drying system at affordable price

Your wish,if you had more space for drying and storage of shirts in your home.From the bedroom to the laundry room, when unexpected guests arrive, and especially with a growing family each day brings new drying as well as storage challenges.

Introducing Cinch Hanger

Cinch drying hanger is the innovative storage as well as drying solution of the future for shirts,T Shirts, blouse, gowns, camisoles,dress,tops, kurtis, coats,skirts and raincoats.

Use your space more efficiently with style by using our easy dry folding design.

Cinch hanger creates heavy duty, instant clothes storage/drying space! Available in 4 sizes:18 15 12 and 9inches.

This unique space saving & weather resistant clothes drying cum storage hanger is a must have in the laundry area and bedroom or outside in balcony.

With this easy drying fold-away bracket arm you can drip-dry delicate sweaters,linen shirts or organize your ironing and hang clothes straight after washing for fewer wrinkles & less ironing.

Air dry or freshen clothes outside your back or balcony wall or dry damp towels, & swim suits out by the pool or hot tub.

Cinch drying hangers space saving feature & superior stylish design is ready when you need it & folds away when you dont.

Install this easy drying stand on any narrow slice of wall providing 18 inches of hanging space, requiring no floor space & will fold flat to a thickness of less than 4 inches.

  • Provides 4 different sizes of drying cum storage space and collapses to less than 4 inches thick. This shirt drying stand is ideal for areas where hanging space is limited or not available and requires no floor space.
  • Installs easily with little effort into any wall type includes mounting template and hardware for permanent installation
  • Made of strong yet light weight square aluminium section and a stainless steel hanging rod, this easy dry hanger unit will support up to 20kg of weight providing instant drying and storage of even the heaviest clothing anywhere around the home, condo, cottage or flat.
  • Cinch drying hanger maintains its appearance even outdoors to air dry shirts, camisoles,blouse outdoors and save energy.
  • Cinch drying hanger near a pool or hot tub to dry towels and bathing suits and keep the deck tidy
  • Very strong and Durable
No measurements required to buy & install cinch hanger.

Cinch Hanger
09 inch Size


Cinch Hanger
12 inch Size


Cinch Hanger
15 inch Size


Cinch Hanger
18 inch Size


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