Ecospace clotheslines: Features & Specifications

• High tolerance of heavy wet clothes load due to stainless steel springs.
• More drying space in less area; perfectly blends with white ceiling.
• Optimum space of 6 inch between 2 clothesline helps smooth air flow between clothes and reduces damp smell and mildew.
• Handicapped accessible; easy to use and operate.
• Guaranteed quality for reliable and durable use, Eco friendly clothesline product reduces your household carbon foot prints; saves energy and money on electricity.
• Saves precious floor space.
• Causes fewer creases on clothes due to optimum diameter tube.
• No-maintenance required fit and forget it.
Available at afforadable price.


• Ceiling mounted & Bracket Mounted.
• Size variants: L 3 ft. to L 9 ft.
• No.of clotheslines:2 to 6 clotheslines in each set.
• Lines:19.05mm OD Stainless steel pipes
• Rope: Nylon-nylon.
• Warranty: 18months.
• Use:for large size clothes:Bedsheets,Chadar,Blanket etc

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