11 Undeniable Reasons Why You should be Sure with Us
At Ecospace Clotheslines we pride ourselves on having the solution of space saving clothes dryers .

1.We have experience
we have over 7 years of experience in manufacturing, research and product development.

2.The widest Choice
we offer 99 sizes of space saving clothes drying systems available in India. Including ceiling, cantilever and wall mount foldable lingerie drying stands.

3.Quality Team
We believe we have the best people to provide quality clothes drying racks and quick installation services to our customers.

4.Indian Made
All of our clothes drying racks:ceiling , cantilever bracket mount and wall mount foldable for lingerie drying are made in India.

5.Available everywhere
we have a comprehensive network of representatives all over India.

6.Guaranteed Performance
we test all of our clothes dryers ,and provide safe, easy and beautiful solution to guarantee, you get what you need.

7.Used all over the world
As well as India and Australia, rope and pulley operated clotheslines have been specified in countries such as USA, Canada, UAE, Oman, Fiji, Bulgaria and South African countries etc. .

8. Cuty Clotheslinese
we offer the newly designed cuty. CUTY is the perfect partner to Ecospace Clotheslines ceiling or cantilever bracket mount clothes drying stands for small clothes e.g lingerie.

9.System Design
As a result of our extensive experience, we are able to help in the design of your clothes drying system, ensuring you get the most cost effective solution available.

10. Ecospace Clotheslines space saving clothes drying systems are suitable to any building
Our range can be used in a wide range of buildings from homes to hostels or hospitals.

11. Peace of Mind Ecospace Clotheslines rope and pulley driven ceiling or cantilever bracket mount clothes drying stands are manufactured from stainless steel pipes.

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